Saratoga is a peaceful, small town in south central Wyoming that boasts a friendly community and relaxed atmosphere. It’s situated in the scenic North Platte River Valley, surrounded by the Snowy Range and the Sierra Madres Range. Saratoga is best known for its natural beauty and year-round outdoor recreation opportunities, making it a great place to visit for those who love nature and adventure.

Saratoga offers the peace and quiet of a town that feels remote, but has surprisingly easy access.

Saratoga, Wyoming is considered to be an “up-and-coming” town by many; its proximity to Denver makes it a perfect destination to find peace and quiet away from the crowded I-70 corridor, and it offers a unique overnight option for commuters on Wyoming’s bustling I-80 as well as those driving The Snowy Range Scenic Byway.

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The spirit of western hospitality and adventure is alive and well in Saratoga.

In the 1800s, as western expansion was heightening, many people had to cross the North Platte River Valley to get to their final destination. It was common for people who were already settled in western towns like Saratoga to offer a warm welcome and assistance to travelers. This culture of hospitality was born out of a sense of community and a desire to help one another in a time when resources were scarce and travel was difficult. 

Agriculture (ranching in particular) was the leading industry in Saratoga for the majority of the 19th century and well into the 21st century, which further cemented its identity as a town steeped in western culture. With its expansive backyard and access to virtually untouched nature, Saratoga keeps the adventurous spirit of the wild west alive. 

Saratoga is home to plenty of restaurants that are within walking distance from the lodge.

Saratoga is home to plenty of restaurants that are within walking distance from the lodge. Not sure where to eat? Ask our front desk staff or take a look through one of our in-room Guest Directories for a recommendation.

Located ½ mile from our lodge, you’ll find the world-famous Hobo Hot Springs.

Located ½ mile from our lodge, you’ll find the world-famous Hobo Hot Springs. This spot is open 24/7 to the public and free to enter. If you are a Riviera guest, make sure to stop by our front office before your visit to check out towels.

Saratoga’s rugged backyard boasts the pristine nature that Wyoming is famous for.

The vast area surrounding Saratoga is home to a number of parks and wildlife preservation areas, such as the Medicine Bow National Forest and the Saratoga Wildlife Habitat Management Area. These areas offer opportunities for hiking, biking, birdwatching, and other outdoor activities. The town is also located near the Continental Divide, which provides access to a range of outdoor adventures, including rock climbing, rafting, fishing, and skiing.

There are a handful of beloved natural attractions in or near the town center too. Chief among them is the North Platte River, known for its exceptional trout fishing and the Saratoga Hot Springs – natural hot pools that are loved for their therapeutic, relaxing properties.

For a detailed list of outdoor adventures that Saratoga has to offer, click here.

Visitors will also enjoy restaurants, shops, and community events.

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Saratoga’s small, yet vibrant downtown is supported by a handful of locally owned restaurants, galleries, museums, and shops. 

Here are some of our favorite places to eat in Saratoga:

To get an idea of how Saratoga was created – from its early geological features to its pioneer settlers – head over to the Saratoga Museum! Admission is free. The Grand Encampment Museum is another museum in the nearby town of Encampment that’s well worth a visit. It offers a deeper look at the Upper North Platte Valley’s rich history of homesteading and mining. Check out The Platte Valley Community Center for its fitness facilities, events and classes during your stay.

With its tight-knit community that loves to come together for special events, Saratoga is home to heaps of fun activities. From rodeos and brewing festivals to winter ice fishing derbies and tournaments, there are many opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in authentic small town culture and make lifelong memories. Keep an eye on the town’s event calendar to see what’s coming up next! 

For family-oriented hospitality and a great night’s sleep, book your stay at the Riviera Motor Lodge.

Under the new ownership of 5th generation Saratogans, the recently renovated Riviera Motor Lodge serves as a basecamp for outdoor fun, a retreat for solitude seekers, and an outpost for those on the road.

The lodge is situated in the heart of Saratoga, right on the river and within walking distance from downtown and the hot springs. Our address and google maps link can be found on our contact page.

We hope to host you soon!